Site and movement overview
  In the figure below you can see the 8 basic function blocks that constitute the movement and how they are related to each other. We can see the mainspring system followed by the accelerating wheel train to the oscillator or balance system. Between the wheel train and the balance system we find the escapement which is the function that both regulates, in a precise way, the unwinding of the main spring and gives the balance its necessary impulse, for each turn, to keep it swinging.

The mainspring  is wound via a very clever system called the keyless works. It transmits the turn of the winding button to the mainspring. When the winding crown is pulled to its set position the keyless works connects with the motion works and the hands at the dial can be turned. In normal operation the hands are driven from the wheel train via the cannon pinion which is friction-fitted to the arbor from the wheel train. This friction fit allows the hands to turn when the movement is in the set mode.