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Amateur Watchmaking - Available again!



The Book contains 103 pages and about 50 high quality illustrations

The purpose of this book is to help you to the skill level where you can start to disassemble and re-assemble a watch movement by understanding the different parts, their names, and functionality.

This book will also guide you in the process of choosing the right tools and help you over the main obstacles when working with one of the world’s smallest and most sophisticated machines, including cleaning and oiling.

After having read this book you will not be a professional watchmaker but you might be in the process of becoming one, or you might have found – as myself – a very deep satisfaction being an amateur watchmaker.

/Per Torphammar

Because of an Internet Watch School, I "met" the author of this book, Per Torphammar, who is a very enthusiastic (amateur) watchmaker. In this book he explains the way a handwound movement of a watch works in simple words so that everybody can understand the mechanism.

I am not saying that I agree with every detail of the way he works; but the enthusiasm he shows in his explanations makes this book a source of inspiration for anybody who is interested in watches. 

Thanks Per for doing such a great job! 

/Machiel Kalf, Teacher of Watchmaking, Holland.

The Book has a wireO binding for convinient use on the working bench