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Part I, Different Close-Up Pictures




An inexpensive but illustrative skeleton movement!


It's a match to identify all the wheels!



Above you can see a magnification of the Clutch Wheel
(my favorite) and the Winding Pinion.
The match has a width of 2,4 mm.



To the left is a 3D drawing of the Clutch Wheel and Winding Pinion
taken from  the cover of my book!



Below I found the focus at the right height!!!
The match has a width of 2,4 mm.


Close-up pictures of the Olma Watch, Caliber AS 1727


The Olma caliber.
Here you can see the Incabloc Shock Protection system and one Pallet Jewel between two teeth in the Escapement Wheel.
Some serious cleaning is needed!


The Olma caliber. The Incabloc is closed in this picture...

...and opened in this picture.


The Olma caliber.
Now the Incabloc jewel housing is removed and can be seen up-side down on the lower rim of the Incabloc.
In the center of the Incabloc you can see the upper balance pivot.


The Olma caliber.
Here you can see the Hairspring, Impulse Jewel, the Stud, and the Curb Pins.


The Olma caliber.
The Pallet Fork and the Safety Pin is clearly shown in this picture.


In this close-up picture you can see the Pallet Lever and the jeweled Pallet Lever Bearing close to the Escape Wheel


Here you can see how the Pallet Lever Fork interacts with the Impulse Jewel


On the back side of the Pallet Lever you can see the Safety Pin and the footing of the Pallet Jewes.


The whole Wheel Train; Barrel, Center-, Third-, Fourth-, and Escape Wheels, and finally the Pallet Lever


Here you can see the wheels fitted together.



A Revue Sport Caliber 81.


The eccentric regulator mechanism of the Revue cal 81.

The nice three separate cocks of the Revue cal 81!


Moore to come!